BMW S1000RR Owns Kawasaki Ninja H2 Again

The S1000RR catches this Ninja H2 without breaking too much of a sweat 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Arguably, the BMW S1000RR seems to be one of the fastest, strongest-accelerating liter-class superbikes money can buy from a dealership. When Kawasaki rolled out their supercharged Ninja H2 machine, people expected it to smoke everything else.
Partially because of all the mysticism behind its supercharger and because it was advertised as being the epitome of Kawasaki's engineering, the Ninja H2 came with sky-high expectations. The action videos still fail to show in what way is the H2 superior to a stock (but very good) similar bike.

According to the source of this video, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 has undergone some modding jobs. It comes with an aftermarket exhaust silencer that's supposed to boost the engine characteristics and make the bike faster by reducing the overall weight. The H2 also received a new ECU software and a PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve.

As opposed to this souped-up Ninja H2, the BMW S1000RR only lost its mirrors, as they seem all that was superfluous for this ad-hoc drag competition.

Honestly, the Ninja H2 is no match for the S1000RR

The Ninja may be more powerful and loaded with the latest technologies Akashi can produce, but its better midrange power deployment is not able to compensate for the extra bulk.

On the other hand, the S1000RR has amazing torque deployment, with almost the entire grunt of the engine already available way before the shifting indicator lights up. Also, it looks like being able to deliver the top end power faster.

And adding the fact that the rider seems to be a rather big guy and he won't even try to squeeze behind the bubble screen doesn't make the mission any easier for the Ninja. Next rematch, please!

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