BMW R1200GS Rider Fails to Cross Ankle-Deep Creek

Now, that's such a shame! If I was a bit more evil i would have said that this guy should never get on an R1200GS again. The big GS is such a powerful and capable beast of a motorbike and it can do so many amazing things... so seeing this guy drop it in a lousy creek is close to the "that's too much" mark.
I simply fail to understand why this guys stops the bike instead of getting a firm grip in the handles and throttle up vigorously. He would have passed the creek in a second or so, without even knowing it was there.

Now, the guy admits he had zero training in dealing with the GS on unpaved roads, but at least he could have asked someone: “Hey, what if I run into a shallow creek, what do I do? Do I have to stay straight, grip the handles firmly and throttle ahead, or should I stop in the middle for absolutely no reason, then drop the bike in the silliest way the camera is able to record?”

I guess he could have done way better just by asking or simply trusting this nifty machine. But at least he's ok and probably learned more on his way to Panama and back.
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