BMW Fest at DragTimes: G-Power M6 vs Alpina B6 vs ESS M6

The Russians from DragTimesInfo are back with a couple of unique BMWs, as we expected from them. It's been a while since we saw some Bimmers racing on their track so the comeback was bound to be awesome.
BMW E63 M6 Drag Race 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The video below has some real BMW Power in it, thanks to a M6 Hurricane RR from G-Power (around 800 HP and 800 Nm of torque), an Alpina B6 Biturbo, with 540 HP and 730 Nm of torque and an ESS Supercharged E63 that claims it has 950 HP.

So, let's do some math, shall we? 800 + 540 + 950 = 2,290 HP from just 3 cars. That's impressive. What's even more impressive is the way they perform on the track. The 950 HP M6 for example, went so fast and had so much wind in its face that it nearly ripped open its bonnet.

The Hurricane M6 went against a GT-R tuned to 1500 HP! It didn't win, as the Nissan had twice as much power, but it did very well nonetheless. A Porsche Cayenne Turbo S on the other hand, stood no chance!

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