Bio-Organic Nano Crystals Can Revolutionize the EV Industry with Ultra-Fast Charging

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“Range, the final frontier” is probably one of the saying which are closest to the truth when it comes to electric mobility. The limits of these vehicles are set by the very limits of current batteries, but things are about to change. Israeli company StoreDot has demoed at CES their latest technology which can and will, they say change the whole EV industry.
The Nanodot is the first bio-organic nano crystal discovered. 2 nanometers in size, the Nanodots are bio-organic peptide molecules which will change the way we use any battery-powered device. If this new technology will prove functional at a larger scale, it might simply change the entire game in multiple industries, from smartphones to mobility.

Charging a 900mAh battery in 30 seconds

So far, StoreDot says that their prototype 900 mAh battery can be safely charged in 30 seconds. For measure, an iPhone 5S has an 1550mAh battery, so you can do some of the math yourselves. The project has already gone a long way, as StoreDot developed a much slimmer battery than their initial creations and was in fact able to fit it into a Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone.

But the ambitions of these guys are so much bigger as StoreDot claims next year they could present the first car which will be powered by Nanodot batteries and which would need only three minutes for a full recharge. If this endeavor succeeds, we might be witnessing history in the making, with electric transportation taken to a long-expected whole new level.

Imagine that your electric motorcycle will not only go further with one charge but “refueling” it will take less than what you need to smoke a cigarette when you stop to refill the tank. Hello future!

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