Bicycle on Skates Opens Your Path Through Freezing Winters

The Buffalo Icecycle 1 photo
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer
Winter is coming, no matter how much you dislike the idea, and it’s not some Game of Thrones line. Those who are affected most by cold weather are the two-wheel commuting fans who regularly find themselves forced to store their bike in the garage and go back to using the car. But what if there’s a way around that?
OK, perhaps the US will never be like the northern European countries such as Denmark where people actually use bicycles during winter too. In fact, the contraption in question was developed in Buffalo, New York, for recreational purposes. You’re supposed to take it out only for fun on wintertime trips across the frozen canals.

Instead of the front wheel any regular bicycle has, the ice bike comes with a skate blade. Pedaling rotates the studded rear tire and propels the peculiar contraption forwards. Turning the handlebars steers the front blade in the direction you want to travel, and pedaling in reverse slows the bike down and brings it to a stop.

This thing could be used by beginners too, considering that the 67-inch long by 24-inch wide base provides stability and eliminates the need for riders to balance. The blades and base are made of stainless steel to prevent rust and provide years of reliable transport during snowy winters.

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling the funny thing for $2,500, which is quite a price considering it’s just a modified regular bike after all. However, this thing must probably target people who can’t use ice skates but who want to join everybody else who does. It also may prove to be quite a joyride.

Now, if you ask this editor, I’d always prefer waiting for that tracked mountain bike to get into production. We’re talking about the Avalanche Project - a futuristic looking tracked bike currently being built by a group of students at Quebec’s University of Sherbrooke.
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