Audi RS4 Avant B5 with RS4-Shaped Trailer Finally Filmed, Looks Extremely Odd

Audi RS4 Avant B5 with RS4-shaped Trailer Finally Filmed, Looks Extremely Odd 1 photo
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Think of a traditional fast estate car and the image of the Audi RS4 will probably wonder straight into the visual part of your brain. It's like the ultimate driving compromise since it's not as fun to drive as an M3 and yet still manages to set your pants on fire.
The Avant is like taking a regular A4 sedan with a parking garage bolted on the back. In our book, that makes it even better because if you're going to have a sensible car with a big V8 engine, you might as well get it in the shape of a family car. That will really make the people with Porsche Caymans happy!

You don't expect an Audi, any Audi, to sound like this or be able to sprint like a rocket.

This particular RS4 can also play with your mind in other ways. That's because the owner had the crazy idea of making a trailer that looks like another RS4.

You can't do that with all the fiberglass moulding skills in the world, so this has to be a real RS4 that's been scrapped after being involved in an accident. The fact that the front end is gone leads us to believe that we're on the right track.

The doors, the windows and even the brakes have been kept. Unfortunately, there's no windscreen for the trailer, so the RS4 owner can't see out the back. But other motorists will only see the curvaceous bottom of a super-wagon from the back, not a car+trailer.

We wonder what the guy with the Porsche 911 thinks when he sees this weird combo turn up at his local watering hole. Does he think it's crazy or does this give him ideas to make a 911-shaped trailer? It wouldn't be the first weird Porsche creation we've seen.

Editor's note: "You mein Freund, I know that you like the Audi RS4, so we made an RS4 for your RS4," said Xzibit.

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