A Truck and a Train Walk into a Bar. Only One Comes Out. No Prizes for Guessing

This is what happens when you're used to being the biggest kid in the schoolyard, but haven't noticed the latest transfer from juvy that only got in because your school's football team needed a better defensive guard.
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Spending too much time on the road acting like you own the place can make your senses dull and incapable of reacting when a real threat presents itself. Just think of a pack of lions that would somehow get sent back in time into the Jurrasic period without realizing it. I'd give them two minutes maximum.

In the role of the lion, we present you a red semi truck that, ironically enough, is oblivious to the meaning of red. In the role of the T-Rex, we have a train called "the Train." Let the battle commence.

If this were really a fight people could place bets on, you'd probably get negative odds for the train. You'd bet 10 dollars on it being the one left standing and you'd only get one dollar back. That's how obvious the outcome is. But not for the semi driver, apparently, who seems to fancy his chances.

Railroad crossings can be very dangerous places. That is if you refuse to play by the rules, because otherwise they're one of the most straightforward traffic situations there are. If the signs and lights tell you to, you stop; if they don't, you still slow down and take a better look, since hundreds of tons of metal charging towards you at great speed can do bad things to your car, and even your life.

But when you drive a big, bad semi truck, you stop for nothing. Well, you stop for food, a toilet, fuel and cigarettes, but not much else.

The only possible explanation is that the truck driver saw the red light late, after he had already blocked the oncoming lane, and decided that the nicest thing he could do was continue forward as to not block half the street. Being a nice guy doesn't always pay off, unfortunately, and so the train went right through his semi, taking it for an unwanted ride.

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