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560 HP BMW F10 M5 Takes on 550 HP GT-R

Going for a drag race in the video below are two cars from completely different segments, destined for completely different demographics. Even so, since they have similar power outputs, they can be raced against each other, right?
BMW F10 M5 vs Nissan GT-R 1 photo
On the one hand we have the mad, crazy, stunning Nissan GT-R. This is a car that was built for the track, with only 2 seats (the rear ones can’t be used properly anyway), all-wheel-drive, a crazy good transmission and extremely powerful engine.

All these elements combined made it a most desirable car amongst those looking for the ultimate track machine, especially thanks to its price tag that turned it into the ‘Supercar killer’ of today. Unfortunately, over time, things changed and the price started going up, constantly.

Even so, the owners are usually pretty satisfied with their rides despite having some bad drawbacks. The plastics inside will start squeaking after a while and the whole interior just looks tasteless. For its intended purpose, though, it will do fine.

On the other hand we have a stylish BMW F10 M5, a car that weighs around 2 tons and has a completely different spirit. While some could take it to the track as well, this sedan will never be as agile as the GT-R on a circuit.

What it will do, on the other hand, is carry 4 people in absolute comfort at speeds up to an electronically limited speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). It will also win in a drag race against the aforementioned GT-R, a most impressive feat. Admittedly, if the race would’ve been done from a standing start things would’ve been different due to the Nissan’s perfect traction but in this case, things went a bit different. Check it out!


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