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2016 Porsche 911 Facelift Turbocharged Engine Details: 2.7L Carrera and 3.4L Carrera S

We are now just one or two motor shows away from the unveiling of the 2016 Porsche 911 facelift and the time has come to discuss the all-important turbocharging of the base models.
Porsche 911 Targa headlamp 1 photo
The 911 will be spared of having to adopt the four-cylinder turbocharged engines Zuffenhausen is currently developing - those are going in the next Boxster and Cayman- it will have to walk the downsizing path.

The latest rumors see the base 911 Carrera dropping its atmospheric 3.4-liter flat six for a forced-fed 2.7-liter unit, as writes.

This number is no stranger to Porsche aficionados. First of all, the entry-level Boxster and Cayman use a naturally-aspirated 2.7-liter unit, but the relationship between this and the new engine is not clear at the moment. Secondly, 911s of the 70s and 80s used 2.7-liter units.

Power is said to increase from 350 to around 400 hp, but that seems like a bit too much for us, so we'll add more than a grain of salt for this one. At the same time, fuel efficiency is said to jump to 29.4 mpg (8 liters per 100 km).

As for the 911 Carrera S, the rumor mill sees this downsizing from its current NA 3.8-liter heart to a 3.4-liter turbo mill. Again, this is the exact capacity used by the current Boxster S/Cayman S, but we'll have to wait for more details to arrive before we jump to any engineering conclusions.

While it was obvious that the 991-generation mid-cycle revamp comes to early to see German engineers fitting the Neunelfer with a hybrid powertrain, the aforementioned source comes to confirm this.

Of course, the 992 incarnation of the rear-engined coupe will see electrons joining the party. The new generation is set to arrive in 2020, so there's still plenty of time to find out how Porsche plans to transfer its Le Mans technology to the street.

Speaking of the company's endurance racing, we'd like to remind you Porsche has switched to the top 8MJ energy tier of the Le Mans LMP1 class this year, being the only carmaker to play the game at such a high level.


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