2015 C63 AMG Getting Ready to Fight the M3 in a Twin-Turbo Battle Royale

2015 Mercedes C63 AMG 10 photos
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2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG2015 Mercedes C63 AMG
Everybody knows history lessons are boring, that is of course unless they're about powerful V8 engines. More specifically, we're talking about the slightly older generations of powerful performance compacts sedans and coupes. The most prominent of this small German fighting clan was the old BMW M3, powered by 4-liter V8.
Its arch enemy was the old C63 AMG, powered by a larger 6.3-liter. Audi's RS4 is the only surviver of that era, the last Mohican if you will. But even it has dropped the sedan body and will eventually switch to a twin-turbo V6 in about two years.

Yes, the once all-natural clan is being imbued with the mystical power of turbocharging for an all-out fight to the death. Scientists believe this is because emissions regulations are threatening sports sedans with extinction, but that's not the whole truth. Drunk with power, the German witchdoctors are sending worriers with much higher torque figures into battle thanks to turbo voodoo.

Our money is on this thing the brand new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, seen here as a sedan. It's weapon of choice will be a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 also going into a bespoke sportscar, the 190C GT. With output well north of the 450 hp mark, it will take on the 3-liter twin-turbo inline-six fitted to the M3 and M4.

Besides power, the new C63 AMG will also have diversity on its side, being able to take the shape of a sedan, a coupe, estate and potentially even a convertible.

Our latest spyshots also provide a detailed glimpse of the interior. Mercedes makes some really amazing interiors and this is no exception. It's not excessively sporty, like one of those all-red dashboards that get on your nerves during long trips. Everything is an excellently crafted piece of functional furniture. Of course, the actual production car will have brighter trim options because red seatbelts and side bolsters are worth at least 10 extra hp, that's what we always say.
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