2014 Toyota Supra Gets Rendered

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that the world doesn’t need the Toyota Supra anymore because we have stuff like the Audi TT and Porsche Boxster, think again!
Supra looking better than ever 7 photos
2014 Toyota Supra2014 Toyota Supra2014 Toyota Supra2014 Toyota Supra2014 Toyota Supra2014 Toyota Supra
It has been a long time since the sportscar was canceled in 2002, but a number of reports suggest the nameplate is coming back with a vengeance. We can’t be 100% sure if Toyota really is going to surprise us any time soon with something amazing, but we can dream and hope.

To help us dream a little bit easier, Andreas Fougner of BullFinchVisuals has done a great job of creating the Supra for the modern age.

It’s obvious that he used the lines of the FT-86 concepts as a base, but the end result is more than the sum of its parts. We have new creases, folds and gapes everywhere, and the overall shape somewhat resembles the Audi R8.

The scoops on the side look like the quills of a shark and the top view reveals more aerodynamic functionality than the Ferrari 458 Italia.


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