2013 Kawasaki ER-6N First Official Commercial

"Too much fancy stuff and too little riding", that's the first thing which came in mind after we saw the 2013 Kawasaki ER-6n commercial. And that's not because we have something against the ER-6n, but the exact opposite: we know the ER-6n and we know how cool it is. And that's why this ad doesn't do it justice.
Others call the ER-6n the "naked Ninja 6" and this should be introduction enough: this is indeed a street bike, but the fun in riding it to have a coffee with friends and do some DJ-in in a night club are terribly far from what the bike cam and would do.

Of course, we're not bashing the commercial, especially as Kawasaki is obviously targeting youth. And with some down-tuning to make it legal everywhere, the 2013 ER-6n can really be a bike to keep falling in love with years in a row, even after the legal limitations have been forgotten. Wanna see some truly fun Kawasaki riding? Click here.


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