2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo Ready for Any Road

American manufacturer GM is getting ready to launch onto the market the 2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo, a model which, unlike its other peers, comes equipped with the Interactive Drive Control System.

This little gadget can be used to change the driving dynamics of the vehicle so that it best suits the type of road it is traveling on. The suspension, shift pattern and steering sensitivity can be changed at will, with three presets providing for a smoother ride: touring, sport and standard.

“Interactive Drive Control links vehicle systems together, changing perceivable vehicle characteristics as it adapts to driver inputs,” said Bill Rietow, GM lead development engineer. “The driver can really feel the difference.”

If one of the settings aren't to your liking, the sport setting can be customized through the vehicle’s radio configuration menu. The customization can be done by turning on or off one of the following features: steering, suspension or powertrain.

According to GM, the system is so advanced that it can detect on its own the type of road and driving aptitudes of the owner. It changes its settings so that the car responds the best to the desires of the driver.

“It used to be that cocktail conversation revolved around how much horsepower your car had or how fast you could go, but now it’s evolved into a conversation about advanced technologies and what the vehicle can do for you that it couldn’t do before,"
Peterson said.

"Our data show that the amount of interaction a driver can have with a vehicle is stimulating anywhere from a quarter to a third of sales.”


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