1968 Ford Mustang With 2JZ Engine Will Mess Up Your Brain

The word ‘mustang’ really lost its old meaning that describes a lightweight feral horse. No, nowadays, if someone is referring to a mustang, you either picture yourself a World War Two fighter plane or the United States iconic pony car - the Ford Mustang.
2JZ Ford Mustang 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube/edited by autoevolution
Regarding the latter, there were a lot Mustang iterations until today; some good, some not so good due to the whole petrol crisis and the four-pot apocalypse (yes, we’re talking about the infamous second and third generations here). But the thing is, when you say Ford Mustang, the one that comes to mind is the first generation model. That’s the iconic car everyone knows from many movies and TV series.

Smaller than other musclecars, long hood, three body types and a V8 engine making... well not that much, but for the time it was enough to haul hiney. But now, everybody needs hundreds and hundreds of horses to gallop under their hoods, and the ‘underpowered’ V8 in the old ‘Stang can’t do the job unless upgraded with high performance goodies.

Or you can simply swap it for a crate engine and skip the hassle. OR, if you want to mess up with people’s minds, try to adapt a Toyota Supra 2JZ engine under the hood. Then simply go at various car shows and blast past people in your ‘Merican musclecar that does sounds like ‘braaaaaaap’ and ‘pffthsshssshsss’ like this one in the video bellow. Don’t forget to blast some country music through your speakers to complete the chaos.

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