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105-Year-Old Woman from California Renews Driver's License

Say hello to Edythe Kirchmaier. She might look like your average pensioner, but she could very well be a record holder. At 105 years old, she looks energetic and full of life, which is an impressive achievement, but she could also be one of the US's oldest registered drivers.
Last week, Edythe passed her road test, which she was very nervous about. The Californian resident has been driving since the 20s but has never had and accident and never received a ticket.

This model motorist's first contact with the steering wheel came in 1927. By comparison to a modern automobile, the Model A Ford she drove back then must seem terribly complicated. Currently, Edythe drives a 1997 Dodge Caravan and considers herself to be 'safe' on the road.

Editor's note: Dear Ellen, she might be vibrant and everything, but we bet she does 30 (mph) on the motorway!


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