YAMAHA TW Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 16
First production year: 1999

2017 - Present

The 2016 TW200 with its scrappy little 196 cc engine is a nice learning bike, fully street legal but with that distinctive motocross-style swale seat that says you’re going off-road. On the move, the bike has nice low-end torque and you’ll feel the front end trying to come up when you get even a little twisty. Dual sport, yes, but so much about this bike just begs to be in the dirt.


2016 - Present

Inside the chassis of the 2016 TW200 you will find a new 4-stroke, single cylinder engine. This SOHC, air-cooled engine will have a displacement capacity of 196cc. It will have mid-range power, which would be ideal for riding around your town or for off-road trips. There will be a basic instrumentation panel in this motorcycle, which would consists of resettable tripmeter, odometer, speedometer and bright indicator lights for turn signals, neutral and high beam signals. The new 2016 TW200 is set to come with an enhanced security system.


2012 - 2013

With an unmistakeable attire and legendary fun-generating character, the Yamaha TW200 is by all means, one of the iconic dual-sport machines in the small-displacement class. The 2013 year model carries on the heritage: chunky tires for great grip on rocky trails and slippery mud paths, a hard-working single-cylinder engine mated to a smooth 5-speed manual gearbox and convenient electric starting. For seasoned and beginning riders alike, the 2013 TW200 has plenty to offer, both in terms of rideability and versatility. Great as a daily ride for commuting and equally fun to drive leaving the...


2011 - 2012

The 2012 MY Yamaha TW200 is one of the dual-sport bikes truly easy to recognize: its low seat and fat tires allow no mistaking. While being an excellent machine for off-road exploration, the TW200 also comes fully-equipped for street riding. The engine delivers a lot of torque in the low and mid-range rpm making it suitable for rough terrain, while the lightweight construction offers exceptional handling confidence. TW200 comes with an 196cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a counterbalancer to keep vibrations as low as possible. Electronic ignition, and electric push-button start...


2010 - 2011

it's hard to mistake the TW200 for another bike, especially as this two-wheeler remained almost unchanged for all its long life. This machine packs solid versatility derived from its no-compromise dual-purpose philosophy. It will serve the rider perfectly in the urban environment while at the same time provide the perfect getaway for weekends in the wild or simply across trough terrain which would otherwise be an obstacle for other bikes. The recipe is simple: an 196cc 4-stroke single loaded into a sturdy frame, with compliant suspensions and powerful brakes, a low seat and plenty of...


2009 - 2010

The 2010 MY TW200 arrives in the same trim generations of riders loved: a bike oozing fun and dual-sport useability, fit for the tough trail and in a perfect trim for asphalt roads as well. The beefy tires are an unmistakable feature of the TW200, and they're ready for anything you could throw at them. A smooth 4-stroke single pulls hard, with a manual 5-speed delivering the right amount of nerve for each scenario, from cross-town traffic to fishing trips to your favorite pond in the middle of nowhere.


2008 - 2009

There's something almost magic about the Yamaha TW200, as this small bike has been almost unchanged for so many generations, and is still able to provide top-notch dual-purpose performance users can really rely on. Low, nimble and lightweight, this bike boasts its compliant suspensions and on-off tires which deliver great traction both on asphalt and on wet trails. Street-legal, yet adventure bound, the 2009 MY TW200 is great for urban commuting and for reaching spots far from the sealed roads and what's even better, it is a machine for for both seasoned and newer riders.


2007 - 2008

The 208 MY TW200 is a proud descendant of the family and exhibits all the great characteristics which have made so many riders fall in love with it. A small and compact bike, the TW200 retains the iconic beefy off-road-worthy tires and boasts the same premium handling on any surface. Its low seat and ample bars provide exceptional control even on rough surfaces, while the 5-speed transmission makes sure you've got plenty of torque whenever needed. Street-legal, this all-rounder, all-purpose bike us almost identical to the first models, at least as far as the main character is concern...


2006 - 2007

The TW200 is a show stealer, despite its diminutive displacement: this tough little bike can go places other don't ever dare conquering, and passing from asphalt to dirt and back to sealed roads is its main skill. Like the XT225, the 2007 MY TW200 is a dual-sport bike which can tackle both urban clutter and muddy trails, and do this in style. Low and reassuring for shorter riders, light and maneuverable when the going gets tough, the TW200 can still provide a thrilling ride for veterans, as well.


2005 - 2006

A machine that's equally popular among new riders and veterans alike, the 2005 TW200 is a strong-pulling mini-beast which will be as fun on the road as it will be rewarding on the trails. Its smooth 4-stroke engine and compliant suspensions are a great complement for each other, while the low seat and unique, wide tires are adding to the stability and confidence of the ride. Street-legal and trail-recommended, the 2005 TW200 also comes with electric start and a washable foam air filter for increased convenience, and hassle-free maintenance.


2004 - 2005

A bike which is technically impossible to mistake for some other mode, the 2004 TW200 spells Yamaha's ability to create a dual-purpose machine with an almost perfect recipe. With literally no radical updates since it was initially produced, the TW200 is a great small-displacement bike which can go almost anywhere, thanks to its bulletproof engine and build, chunky tires and compliant suspensions. The seat is low, allowing riders with a shorter inseam to feel comfortably reassured, while the whole ergonomics adds to the pleasure of the ride, through or around the city.


2003 - 2004

Almost unchanged since it first rolled out the factory doors, the TW200 is one iconic machine in Yamaha's line-up. Small, low, tough as nails and yet incredibly fun, the TW200 is a glorious a beginner bike as it is ideal for family fun and real dual-purpose riding. For city slicing or wilderness explorations, fun weekend rides and commuting, the 2003 TW200 is a flawless machine, provided you enjoy riding small-displacement bikes. Add in extra wide tires for excellent grip on difficult terrain and a smooth 4-stroke engine, an automatic chain adjuster for enhanced convenience and prepa...


2002 - 2003

It's really hard to mistake the Yamaha TW200 for anything else. This bike has been an iconic presence ever since it was launched and continues to one of the reference machine in the world of small dual-purpose motorcycles. Light, exceedingly easy to operate and providing top-notch handling on both asphalt and trail, the TW200 is a true all-terrain bike in a street legal guise. Commuting or riding out in the wilderness for a picnic and anything in between, the TW200 is there for you, never to let you down, and is a wonderful machine for family fun, too.


2001 - 2016

At its heart lies a 225 cc, aircooled, four stroke, single cylinder engine that delivers more than enough low- and mid-range power to help you deal without problems with any type of track. The engine is mated on a smooth-shifting five speed transmission with manual clutch.


1999 - 2000

Judging by the length of its production, some might say that the Yamaha TW200 is truly immortal. So many years after its introduction, the 1999 TW200 boasts the same all-terrain capabilities which make off-road bikes with similar displacement blush in shame... if they could. This machine comes with the iconic beefy dual-sport tires and ultra-low seat making steering across rough terrain much easier, with the wide seat also providing on-road comfort. With an incredibly low fuel consumption, the 1999 TW200 is great for explorations in the wilderness, especially as it is road legal.


1999 - 2004

The Yamaha TW125's motor can trace its roots back to 1982, when the SR 125 was launched. That's good in terms of reliability, but a lousy advert for performance.