YAMAHA RD Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 12
First production year: 1973

1990 - 1992

The RD 350R is the same fantastic bike and practicality as it was ten years ago. The semi sports ride position is quite spacious compared to more modern tackle. The RD 350 is also known as the RZ 350 or RD350LC on some markets. Two-stroke double-engine double-engine double-engine with a hole and a course of 64mm x 54mm is powered. This model was Yamaha's only bike that received the Yamaha P...


1987 - 1989

The current RD 350F2 engine is liquid-cooled, with coolant temperature controlled by a thermostat. For over two decades, the development of our two-stroke sports bikes has been directly linked to our road rancing.


1984 - 1987

The RD 350F is the most modern and last legal street-going two-stroke sold in the US. In the first full test, we said our July 1984 cover bike rated a “perfect 10” on the fun scale.


1984 - 1987

Known as well as RX500, the RD500LC was manufactured from 1984 to 1987. It had a liquid cooled, 2 stroke, 50 degrees, V-4 cylinder engine and 88HP at 9500rpm.


1983 - 1984

Yamaha RD 350N was the most powerful motorcycle of its time, presenting itself as the exact opposite of Royal Enfield Bullet 350. It was known for mad speeds and lightening fast acceleration from its two-stroke 347 cc, twin cylinder engine. It produces 30.5 Hp in the Indian version while the Japan version was good for 39 Hp. Weighing just 155 kg (341 lb-ft), it was surely the KTM 390 Duke of its...


1981 - 1986

Yamaha have incorporated all the virtues of the phenomenally successful RD 250LC and RD 350LC into the RD 125LC.The liquid-cooled 123 cc single cylinder motor incorporates all of the latest developments in two-stroke technology.


1980 - 1981

Indeed, this machine that replaces the models RD, has all the characteristics of a motorcycle speed. Two-stroke water-cooled two-stroke engine derived from the TZ350 racing engine blocks, 47 hp at 8,000 rpm, 200 km/h at top speed, 134 kg dry weight give this machine a strong personality.


1976 - 1980

The Yamaha RD 400 has already become a classic in its own time. Fully equipped with speedometer, tachometer, hydraulically operated disc brakes on front and rear.


1974 - 1980

The 1974 Yamaha RD 200 is very closely related to the RD 125. The little bike exhibits all the stability and handling talents of a born racer which, strangely enough, it never was originally, unlike the bigger Yamaha strokers, but the 200 has always tended to lurch around a bit, something which has always been simple to resolve by either enjoying the impression it created of real racer skill and...


1973 - 1980

Welcome to low compression and the permanent 90 Km (55 mph) limit. The engine reaches its initial peak at 6000 rpm, then trails along a plateu until 7000 rpm.


1973 - 1980

The 1973 Yamaha RD 250 is an air-cooled two-cylinder two-stroke motorcycle of the Japanese manufacturer


1973 - 1975

The Yamaha RD350 was the working-class of the 70's. The RD350 started its career in 1973 and in 1976 allowed the new RD400, with a displacement of 398cc, to hit the road.