CAN-AM/ BRP Sarasota Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 1
First production year: 2004
CAN-AM/ BRP Sarasota 1000 photo gallery

The 2004 Bombardier Sarasota 1000 is an SxS designed to be a trustworthy ally in solving your outdoor work-related tasks. Suitable for use in the wide open and in the urban environment alike, the Sarasota 1000 is a no-nonsense all-purpose vehicle which can be used in pretty much any scenario.

This SxS provides comfortable seating for a rider and a passenger, while the rear half offers a generous loading bed. Accessories can expand the functionality of this vehicle and make it better suitable for the tasks ahead. Adding a sun canopy or a snow blade are as easy as it gets, and you'll be solving problems in instants.

Sarasota 1000 comes with a 4T 249cc liquid-cooled engine matched to an automatic transmission which makes operation intuitive and easy, even for those who k now more about work than they do about riding a quad.

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