MERCEDES BENZ CLS-Klasse Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 6
First production year: 2004
Engines: Diesel, Mild hybrid diesel, Gasoline, Mild hybrid
Body style: Coupé (two-door)

2021 - Present

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the facelifted version of its four-door coupe CLS in 2021 and brought new options and improved features. After 450,000 units sold globally since the first generation's launch, the CLS proved to be a fair bet for the three-pointed-star brand. Even though it didn't offer enough headroom for the rear passengers or large trunks, the CLS was in high demand. The 2021 CLS featured a redesigned front fascia with an AMG-style front bumper fitted as standard. It sported a black A-shaped wing, a front splitter in silver chrome, and a 3D radiator grille. From its s...

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2018 - 2021

Mercedes-Benz brought back the faux-coupe vehicles when it introduced the CLS in 2003. In 2018, the four-door coupe reached its third generation. The CLS was an instant hit, and soon all the major players in the Premium segment started to work on a competitor for it. BMW brought the 6-Series GT, Jaguar introduced the XF, and Audi launched the A7 Sportback. But the original was the CLS, a real trendsetter of its times. But the credit for the first four-door coupe was the 1962 Rover P5B. Fast forward to 2018, and Mercedes-Benz unveiled the third generation of the CLS. It was designed as ...

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2014 - 2018

For 2015, the Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe and CLS Shooting Brake got a new face to match with the automaker’s incremental design iteration, heavily influenced by the S-Class W221 flagship. On the outside, you get a redesigned front end, a reshaped grille, new LED headlights with an optional Multibeam setup, a new lower bumper with bigger side vents as well as new wheels, slightly adjusted LED taillights and rear bumper, all perfectly combining contemporary luxury with passionate sportiness. There are no major changes inside as far as design goes, but you do get a new generation of the Comand ...

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2010 - 2014

The biggest four-door coupe from Mercedes-Benz got a refreshed version for the 2010 model, and it brought more luxury to that specific niche market of the premium segment. Mercedes-Benz might not be the first carmaker that built a four-door coupe, but it was the most successful when it introduced it in 2004 and relaunched a segment that was forgotten for decades. In 2010, it unveiled the second generation, which was refreshed in 2014. The most striking feature of the facelifted version was the headlights, with LEDs instead of bi-xenon headlamps. A horizontal satin-silver slat spread ac...

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2008 - 2010

Mercedes-Benz brought back to life the four-door coupe vehicle styling in 2005 when it launched the first generation of the CLS, a model which was facelifted in 2008. The four-door coupe was a name given by Mercedes-Benz to its CLS, but the body style was not new. The 1962 Rover P5 Mark II is considered to be the first four-door coupe. But it was the same with the hamburgers, which were not invented by Americans. They came from Hamburg, which is in Germany. But the definition worked and evoked a car with doors in the back, but with a sloped roof and a coupe-like shape. Back in 2008, th...

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2004 - 2006

Even though it was not the first four-door coupe on the market, the car revived the forgotten trend of faux-coupe bodyworks. Rover introduced the Rover P5 in 1962 as a four-door coupe, with a sloped rear end and a styling that resembled sporty vehicles. That trend didn't last too long since it wasn't as practical as a regular sedan. Still, the idea remained and, in 2004, Mercedes-Benz brought it back to life in the form of the CLS lineup. Mercedes-Benz unveiled the CLS range in 2004, and it was based on the Vision CLS concept-car showcased at the 2003 Frankfurt International ...

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