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VOLVO S60 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 7
First production year: 2000
Engines: Gasoline, Hybrid, Diesel, Ethanol

2018 - Present

The Volvo S60 is as global as a vehicle could be. The brand was from Sweden. Its owners were from China and the assembly plant in the U.S. And it was built for the Premium market. A minimalist design both on the outside and on the inside, a clear brand image with its horizontal T-DRL in the headlights (T was from the Nordic god Thor) and only state-of-the-art engines and features. The out...

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gasoline engines:

  VOLVO S60 2.0L T4 8AT (190 HP)

  VOLVO S60 2.0L T5 8AT (250 HP)

  VOLVO S60 2.0L T5 8AT AWD (250 HP)

  VOLVO S60 2.0L T6 8AT AWD (310 HP)

hybrid engines:

  VOLVO S60 2.0L T6 TwEn 8AT (340 HP)

  VOLVO S60 2.0L TwEn T8 AWD (390 HP)

2013 - 2018

When it comes to the luxury sedan market, we must admit we’re mostly thinking of the BMW’s, Mercedes’ or Audi’s models. But how about a luxurious and incredibly safe luxury sedan? The 2013 S60 was as stylish at it could get, offering cutting-edge safety systems, impressive comfort and powerful engines. Wouldn’t you have felt safer if you knew your car would automatically stop if a collisi...

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2008 - 2010

The Swedish company redesigned the Volvo S60 for the 2008 model. Being one of their best looking, mid-range sedan, the S60 looked like the shrunken version of the S80. Under its skin, the S60 had great engineering used to protect its passengers, reason why Volvo was always on top of the list when it came to safety. The small exterior changes consisted of a redesigned front grille and fasci...

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2004 - 2007

After four years on the market, the revolutionary Volvo S60 was refreshed and brought cleaner engines and better safety systems. As of January 2005, all vehicles registered in Europe had to fit in the Euro 4 pollution standards, and Volvo had to refresh its lineup. At that time, Volvo was still owned by Ford, and it has to use some of its technologies. But, in the end, Ford took some platform...

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2003 - 2004

Volvo had a very long motorsport history, and it decided to prove that when it introduced the R-version for its midsize sedan, the S60. While most people knew Volvo vehicles for their safety systems, others knew about the Swedish carmaker's glorious motorsport heritage. The P144 Amazon was great in rallying. The S40 blasted the British Touring Car Championship, and Volvo engineers never ...

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2000 - 2004

Volvo introduced the S60 lineup in 2000, and the car made a huge difference in the Swedish carmaker's design language. Volvo was on its way to becoming more and more important in the premium car segment after it was purchased by Ford in 1999. Obviously, though, the mid-size sedan was designed long before the blue-oval carmaker acquired the Swedish brand. Thus, the S60 was considered by ...

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