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VOLVO C70 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 2005
Engines: Diesel, Gasoline
Body style: Coupé (two-door)

2005 - 2013

The second generation of the C70 was introduced in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Unlike its predecessor, which was available as a coupe and convertible, the 2005 model was a coupe-cabriolet. Owned by Ford in 2005, the Swedish car-maker Volvo tried to make a difference in the premium segment with the C70. Unlike the CLK, from Mercedes-Benz, or the 3-Series from BMW, it offered a retractabl...

full description and technical specifications
diesel engines:

  VOLVO C70 2.0L D 5AT (136 HP)

  VOLVO C70 2.0L D 6MT (136 HP)

  VOLVO C70 D3 6AT (150 HP)

  VOLVO C70 D3 6MT (150 HP)

  VOLVO C70 D4 6AT (177 HP)

  VOLVO C70 D4 6MT (177 HP)

  VOLVO C70 D5 6AT (180 HP)

gasoline engines:

  VOLVO C70 2.4i 5AT (170 HP)

  VOLVO C70 2.4i 5MT (170 HP)

  VOLVO C70 2.4L 5AT (140 HP)

  VOLVO C70 2.4L 5MT (140 HP)

  VOLVO C70 T5 5AT (230 HP)

  VOLVO C70 T5 6MT (220 HP)