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VOLVO 343 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 1976
Engines: Gasoline
Body style: Hatchback

1976 - 1982

Volvo introduced the 343 model in 1976 as an entry-level vehicle for the Swedish carmaker, even though it was not precisely a Volvo. At the beginning of the '70s, Volvo approached the Dutch company DAF to buy their car division, which was unsuccessful. Despite its technological achievements, it was on the brink of extinction. DAF agreed and, in 1975, Volvo bought three-quarter stakes of ...

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gasoline engines:

  VOLVO 343 1.4L 4MT (64 HP)

  VOLVO 343 1.4L4MT (70 HP)

  VOLVO 343 2.0L 4MT (95 HP)