VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 5
First production year: 2008
Engines: Gasoline, Diesel
Body style: SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

2021 - Present

The German carmaker introduced the facelifted version for the Tiguan's second generation in early 2020 as a 2021 model year and upgraded more than just its look. With more than four million units sold since its launch in 2017, the Tiguan was a huge success for the German carmaker. In 2019 alone, the compact SUV was sold in over 900,000 units, which was more than Volkswagen expected, and ...

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gasoline engines:


  VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan 2.0L TSI 8AT (184 HP)

2020 - Present

With a lot of experience under its belt regarding performance vehicles, Volkswagen introduced the most potent version of its Golf-based Tiguan model, the R. Along with the 2020 facelifted version, Volkswagen introduced a new model in the stable: the wild Tiguan R. A 320 hp compact SUV that was able to run among the best hot-hatches on the road and still be able to cope with some mild off-road...

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diesel engines:


gasoline engines:

  VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan R 2.0L TSI 8AT (184 HP)

  VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan R 2.0L TSI 8AT (320 HP)

2016 - 2020

The second generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan was shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Motorshow and it is the answer given by the German car manufacturer to the compact crossover segment. In 2016, basically, every car-manufacturer had something to say on the compact SUV segment. Considering this, the German manufacturer has decided not to improve the first generation but rather transform it and star...

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2011 - 2016

Somewhere between luxury and mainstream, the Volkswagen Tiguan compromised some of its practicality for a top-notch cabin. While the typical compact crossovers’ interiors were fitted with lots of plastics, the Tiguan managed to eclipse the competition by providing high quality materials approaching those of premium brands. Minor updates were brought to the exterior and the most notable was...

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2008 - 2011

Due to the high demand for SUV vehicles, Volkswagen launched the compact-sized Tiguan in the autumn of 2007, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And it was a huge success. Despite the fact that the world surged into an economic crisis soon after the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Tiguan was well received by the market. While some considered it as the little brother of the Touareg, the Tiguan was more of ...

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