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OUR TEST CAR: 2014 F13 BMW M6 Coupe

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Appearance. This is what the BMW M6’s story is all about. When people hear the name “M6”, they tend to compile everything they know about BMW, multiply with... six and then they come up with their view of the car.

Then there’s BMW, which has its own plans for the M6. You see, the M division, together with Mercedes’ AMG and Audi’s Quattro Gmbh have started making more money than ever and this demanded for a few rules over at M to be changed.

Everybody knows that you won’t sell too many cars if you stick to advice from purists. That’s the truth, most “aficionados” can’t afford to buy new vehicles. This means you have to make your cars more usable - when somebody spends north of $100,000 on a BMW, they’ll want to use it as much as possible.

The most obvious change was to leave the V10 F1 memories behind and switch to twin-turbo ways. However, this reorientation of the M brand also means that the M6 should dive deeper into GT territory, leaving behind some of the sharp driving ambitions (read: the dreams mentioned above).

We’re really not big fans of day dreaming, so we figured it would probably be best to climb aboard an M6 and find out what it’s made of.

As always, the spec sheet is full of smiles when comparing the F13 M6 to its predecessors. First of all, the list is only reduced to the previous generation E63 M6. The model before that, the E24 M635 CSI, exited the stage back in 1989, so we’ll leave that to the posters on our walls or desktops.

To put it shortly, power is up 10 percent and torque jumps by 30 percent. For the sake of symmetry, efficiency is also boosted by 30 percent.

In the flesh, the policeman orchestrating the traffic must know we’re on an important quest, as we’re moving out of the jam much faster than we anticipated. We’re actually going to be able to treat our BMW M6 tester in a German manner, picking it up on time.

BMW isn’t exactly a stranger to the stereotypes people build about its cars. Sometimes, it even likes to fuel them, so our test car came dressed in Sakhir Orange, just what one would expect.

You can tell that the car is wearing the optional 20-inch wheels from the distance. Their design tells them apart, as the five double spokes come with an extra slim design, offering us a proper view of the massive brakes.

The curvature of the spokes is pretty pronounced, like a tensed arm that’s ready to wrestle you. In fact, the same thing can be said about the whole M exterior treatment found on the car.
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82user rating 40 votes
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