PININFARINA Battista Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 1
First production year: 2019
Engines: Electric
Body style: Coupé (two-door)
Pininfarina Battista photo gallery

The famous Italian design studio penned vehicles for prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and even Cadillac, but the Battista was the first car that wore the Pininfarina badge as a brand.

Based on the same underpinnings as the Croatian hypercar Rimac Nevera, the Battista was an exclusive, 150-unit vehicle built for those who wanted more luxury and a prestigious badge on their cars. Sure, the Nevera was stunning, but Rimac didn't have the same appeal to the rich and famous as the Italian brand. And why Battista? Well, that was the name of the company's founder, Battista Farina, who created Carozzeria Pinin Farina in 1930.

The Battista featured a hypercar shape with a short front overhang and a curved, long greenhouse with a sloped-down rear window. At the back of the car, a massive adjustable wing added aerodynamic load for high-speed cornering abilities. As expected, there were no exhausts present, and neatly concealed between the taillights, the carmaker installed the plug-in charging port.

Inside, the Battista was designed as a GT, with expensive materials and high-quality finishes. To further emphasize the difference between the occupants, the driver could've opted for a seat finished in a different color than the passenger's one.

The car benefited from Rimac's expertise and featured four electric motors, one for each wheel, that offered a total of 1,900 hp, enough to propel the two-ton vehicle from naught to sixty in less than two seconds.

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