Zumanjaro Is the World's Tallest Freefall Drop: 415 Feet at 90 MPH in 6 Seconds

While searching for the most thrilling rides known to mankind, I've arrived at the one and only Six Flags Great Adventure. It's here you'll find the world's largest freefall ride.
Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom 9 photos
Photo: Intamin
Zumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of DoomZumanjaro: Drop of Doom
If that's not enough, Zumanjaro, aka Drop of Doom, is built into the structure of another coaster, Kingda Ka, whose trains make their journey right over your head as you await your pending "Doom," a sort of two for one deal. Time to see what you should check out next summer, especially if you're a thrill-seeker.

Now, you've picked up that this ride is found at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, but what you may not know is that Zumanjaro has been kicking up adrenaline levels since July 4, 2014. What a way to celebrate America's birthday.

As I previously mentioned, Zumajaro is built into a structure that has been a part of Six Flags for some time now, Kingda Ka. This ride has been around since 2005. But why build one construction into the other? Simple, Kingda already held the title for the world's tallest rollercoaster and still does to this day.

Since a solid base was already in place, and one of the withering heights, Six Flags and Intamin (manufacturer and builder) decided this was the best place for an awe-inspiring and breathtaking fall. It's here that three pillars, each offering 415 ft (126.5 m) of freefall, are mounted and equipped with one seating pod each.

Zumanjaro\: Drop of Doom
Photo: Intamin
Can you wrap your mind around what a 415 ft freefall may feel like? Bungee jumpers and skydivers. And if falling 415 ft isn't enough, how about you reaching a top speed of 90 mph (145 kph) while doing so. With eight people per seating pod, Zumanjaro can potentially reveal 720 lunches per hour.

According to Six Flags fans, the ride up will take about 30 seconds, much faster than other drops found worldwide. While most drops take into consideration the view you'll be getting on your way up, Zumanjaro seems to be all about the adrenaline; fast up, fast down.

How fast? Well, you'll cover all 415 ft in around six seconds. To get an idea of just what that looks like and may even feel, I've added a video posted on Intamin's website that reveals just what the ride can do to a few unsuspecting victims. Don't worry, it would seem like the lost lunches have been edited out or just didn't happen this time around.

Zumanjaro\: Drop of Doom
Photo: Intamin
Now, the way up looks rather nice. As you rise and rise, you really can't see how much more distance you have to cover to the top, but you can tell by the look on these thrill-seekers' faces that they're getting nervous, especially once everything has come to a stop, telling you to get ready.

Sure, you can try and look around for a moment and get a view of Six Flags in all its glory, but before you know it, you're smiling and screaming as you fall to your "Doom."

Funny enough, everything looks lovely and wonderful at first, and before you know it, the faces you see do turn a tad serious by the end; it seems like a ride that stretches your body's ability to handle the first few seconds with joy. After, it's a quick moment of terror, and then it's all over; thank you, come again.

Since tickets can cost anywhere from 25 USD (22 EUR at current exchange rates) to 90 USD (80 EUR) for a Six Flags day pass, and it's not clear if the ride costs extra, it sounds like the sort of experience you have to try at least once in this lifetime.

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