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Zero Motorcycles Drops Prices on All Models

Cool news arrives from the Zero Motorcycles headquarters, as the Scotts Valley manufacturer announces price cuts for all its models. The electric bike maker has reduced the retail price of all its machines by a rather hefty $1,350 (€1,185 by today's exchange rates).
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The price cut was motivated by the reduced cost on battery packs Zero now has. It's truly amazing to see a motorcycle manufacturer that decides to capitalize in other ways than going for the money first.

Zero Motorcycles CEO Richard Walker says that he believes in passing on the benefits of the technological advances over to customers as soon as possible. He thus motivates why the price decrease was announced and became effective in mid-season.The lower prices will help Zero move more bikes overseas
The reduced prices are most likely going to cause a most welcome boost in the unit sales of Zero motorcycles overseas. Outside de US, the prices of such products are often based off the American MSRP or manufacturer's suggested retail price, and this is detrimental to the customers.

Comparing what a given product sells for in the US to the price in, say, Europe, has more than once gotten people unnerved. And with the transport, import and other similar taxes, it's easy to understand that any reduction in the base price has a most beneficial result in the final sale price.

According to A&R, Walker adds: “We’re not here to do things as they’ve been traditionally done in the motorcycle industry. Making this change mid-season to deliver great value to consumers at industry-leading price points, rather than waiting for 2016, is just the right thing to do.”Preparing for the battle with the new electric Victory machines?
Some say that Zero is preparing to face the upcoming market battle with Victory, and wants to get as much exposure as possible before Polaris makes their first serious move.

Polaris/Victory recently acquired Brammo's electric motorcycle division and debuted a bike in European road racing events. The Victory managed to climb on the podium in this year's Isle of Man TT.

The third place in the first-ever competition is an amazing feat, of course. The winners, Team Mugen, are not manufacturing consumer products, so their superior performance is a race-related thing. Victory's electric road racing program, however, aims to improve the future street-legal bikes, and this can spell trouble for Zero.

We still have no news about the date when Victory plans to roll out their first production electric machines, but this moment can't drag along too much. Until then, here are new prices for the 2015 Zero line-up, with their Euro reference conversions (not the actual EU prices):

Zero FX ZF 2.8 – $8,495 (€7,440)
Zero FX ZF 5.7 – $10,990 (€9,625)
Zero DS ZF 9.4 – $11,995 (€10,500)
Zero DS ZF 12.5 – $13,995 (€12,255)
Zero S ZF 9.4 – $11,995 (€10,500)
Zero S ZF 12.5 – $13,995 (€12,255)
Zero SR ZF 12.5 – $15,995 (€14,000).


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