Zero Gravity Workstation Was Designed for Ultimate Gaming and Working Experience

Whether you’re a gamer, automotive engineer, stock market broker, or anything else that requires you to sit down for extended periods of time, the chair you use is crucial, not only for your health, but also your productivity.
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Photo: ErgoQuest
Zero Gravity Workstation UltimateZero Gravity Workstation UltimateZero Gravity Workstation UltimateZero Gravity Workstation UltimateZero Gravity Workstation Ultimate
ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstations is a producer of workstations, chairs, and other seating arrangements meant to provide a “zero gravity” experience. They are aimed at maximizing productivity and relieving stress from the body after hours of endless work. If you’ve ever worked an office job, you know what that’s like.

Now, when you hear the words “zero gravity” you can begin to get an idea of what this company could be specializing in. The device you see here is dubbed the Zero Gravity Workstation Ultimate, and even though the word “workstation” pops up, the level of versatility behind this product makes it suitable for any activity that requires you to sit.

What makes the Ultimate so special is that it offers that feeling of zero gravity. To do that, the unit relies on several motors, cushions, tabletops, and multiple other features aimed at making it the most comfortable work and play place you’ll ever run across.

I’ll do my absolute best to describe in words how this unit works and what it can do, but to help you really get a feel of what the Ultimate is all about, I also recommend accompanying your reading with the short video at the bottom of this article.

Zero Gravity Workstation Ultimate
Photo: ErgoQuest
First off, I mentioned a few motors that are included in the construction of the Ultimate. Well, eight motors can adjust nearly every aspect of your seated position, from leg rest angle to seat angle, backrest angle, and monitor positions, not to mention the ability to lay you flat on your back, or even go full Trendelenburg.

If you’ve never heard of the Trendelenburg position, don’t worry, you won’t be sitting in some awkward yoga pose, but rather laid on your back with a 15–30-degree incline where your feet are elevated above your head. It’s a position used in surgical procedures as it allows for better access into the body when operating on the pelvic or abdominal region.

I’ve tried to track down the exact benefits of this sort of position and have only found small bits of info scattered here and there stating that it can be used to treat hypotension (low blood pressure) as it shifts intravascular volumes from the lower extremities. But long exposure to this position brings risks of its own. Go ahead, try and remember what it’s like to hang off the edge of your bed for longer that 15 minutes; you can imagine the rest.

Now, don’t be surprised, but the Ultimate starts at $9,995 (€8,254 at current exchange rates), and once you’re done customizing your unit with cushions ranging from polyurethane foam to latex and memory foam, you can easily take the unit price into the $13,000 (€10,700 at current exchange rates) range. Even the cushion covers can be customized and include vinyl, cotton/polyester, or full grain leather. Even the framework can be customized with options like wood veneer, or powder coat (available in a wide range of colors).

Zero Gravity Workstation Ultimate
Photo: ErgoQuest
Three 34-inch (86-centimeter) monitors, or any other combination of screen sizes you’d like, can be supported by the unit and feature programmable positions so you don’t have to fidget the controls every time you come back from the bathroom. An adjustable keyboard and mouse tray and built-in task lighting are also in the works.

To operate the unit, on the other hand, you’ll need quite the amount of space as some reports from people who’ve purchased this or similar units claim, as they seem to have the habit of getting too close to their ceiling fans. Looking around my studio flat, I don’t even think I'd have room for it in here either.

Let's put all the money and size aside for a moment and imagine yourself is in the Ultimate. Be it I.T., automotive design, or even gaming, how would your experience feel as you’re suspended in this thing with everything you could possibly need within reach. Not to mention a massive visual display to help you see the most minute details no matter your pleasure or profession. Imagine playing Forza with this and the Logitech G923 Trueforce setup.

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