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Zenvo ST1 Supercar Shows Up in Geneva with New Transmission

Rumored to soon go out of business, the guys from Zenvo don’t seem to worried and they decided to come out to Geneva with their newest version of the ST1 supercar. While on the outside it may look exactly the same, there are a couple of new tidbits lying underneath.
Zenvo ST1 Supercar at Geneva 8 photos
Zenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at GenevaZenvo ST1 Supercar at Geneva
The engine was kept stock and the same 6.8-liter V8 is pouring its heart out using both turbocharging and supercharging to deliver 1,104 HP and 1,054 lb-ft (1,429 Nm) of torque. It seems like using both means of forced induction is pretty popular in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

What changed, however, was the transmission that, according to the Danish supercar company, is now a sequential automatic instead of the previous manual. Sourced from CIMA, it has seven gears and a single clutch. According to them, the shifts happen in 35 milliseconds, one of the fastest of its kind in the world right now.

If the previous model, the one with the manual gearbox, was capable of reaching 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill in 3 seconds, imagine what this thing is capable of now, with an ultra-fast automatic. Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide any exact numbers in this regard yet.

As far as the design goes, you can tell it’s the same. The body is still made of carbon fiber and wrapped by a hybrid structure made of high-strength steel and aluminum. That way, the total weight of the car was kept in check at 1,688 kg (3,721 lbs).

The bad news is that only 15 of these things will be built before the ST2 comes out. The price tag is slated at €850,000 ($950,000) and since the company has only 20 employees, it will take some time to be built. Only two of these things were delivered to customers so far.


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