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Z56 Electric Dirtbike Rendering Has What It Takes to Become a Real Deal Vehicle
The truth is that the electric revolution cannot be stopped (except by some giant solar flare). In the meantime, while life goes on as normal, EV designs will be in full bloom. One team that’s looking to mix electricity with classic dirt bike design is Zukun Plan.

Z56 Electric Dirtbike Rendering Has What It Takes to Become a Real Deal Vehicle

Z56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric DirtbikeZ56 Electric Dirtbike
Zukun Plan is a team of industrial and mechanical engineers that are leading the way with sharp and innovative design. No, they aren’t just some team that makes renders, but even have companies like Fisher-Price, Dirt Devil, Bauer, and Coleman, the outdoor gear manufacturer, as clients. With these sorts of clients, expect their designs to be ones that are aimed at becoming the real deal.

Take the Z56 Electric Dirtbike as the perfect example of what this team can achieve. Now, before you go off the rails about where to buy this sucker, know that it currently is just a rendering to show off what Zukun can achieve.

One thing to understand about the design is that it’s a children’s dirt bike and components to match. But beyond that, it’s all about the visual balance of the bike. With a focus on blending classic styling and current electric technology, the team came up with a design that’s meant to portray the future of electric dirt biking; clean, sustainable, thrilling, and above all, “recognizable.”

For example, one thing that Zukun decided to do for the Z56 is NOT hide the battery pack. Because the bike is designed around a 10 Ah, 56-volt battery, a pack that ends up weighing as the one from the Horwin EK3, is placed into the classic motor housing. It's integration into the dirt bike’s design does seem to bring about a classic style and feel, albeit, with less bolts, bearings, wires, and cables, not to mention a lack of an exhaust. The frame follows the same minimalist principals.

That minimal feel that electric components bring is continued throughout the rest of the bike. A sleek and simple seat, fine rear arm with a massive suspension, and a hidden mid-mounted motor are features that set this design apart from others you may have seem.

Since Zukun is the sort of team that designs possible concepts, the Z56 has received a bit more attention than just design. By this I mean that the crew even went as far as taking into calculation power levels, range, and recharge times.

I already mentioned the Z56’s battery level, but I didn’t mention the range or recharge levels. The designer's website states that this dirt bike is capable of a one-hour ride, while recharging is also done in just one hour. This is supposed to be achieved by lithium-ion packs.

However, the main idea and benefit of having a one-hour ride and recharge time is that with a second pack you can continuously ride, as long as one battery is being recharged while you’re out hitting the track. Just think of the competitions that can take place because of this tech.

As for the motor, it’s meant to be a 1000-watt DC brushless motor. This makes it “maintenance-free,” offers enough acceleration and torque for a young one to handle and is sure to pave the way for a child's future interest in the sport. Above all, it’s clean, fast, and sustainable.

The rest of the bike follows minimalist design principles too. From handlebars to throttle and braking, everything is as simple as possible. This is a key feature anytime you want to expose someone to something new, in this case, dirt biking.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar dirt bike or this exact design in the very near future. After all, it looks like the perfect transitional vehicle to get people interested in riding EVs, no matter the age and skill level.

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