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Z-Performance BMW M2 Is a Unique Widebody Beast

They say that the BMW M2 competes with the CLA 45 AMG, but it doesn't. Ten years from now, you just know that the Bimmer will be worth just as much money as it did when it was new, if not more.
Z-Performance BMW M2 Is a Unique Widebody Beast 5 photos
Z-Performance BMW M2 Is a Unique Widebody BeastZ-Performance BMW M2 Is a Unique Widebody BeastZ-Performance BMW M2 Is a Unique Widebody Beast
BMW rarely makes pure cars like this, not laden with heavy luxury tech and uncompromisingly agile. However, if you want your M2 to conserve its value as the 1M Coupe did, you probably don't want to drill into the bodywork with a hundred screws.

But that's precisely what this project car is all about. Made just in time for the Worthesee 2018 GTI Meet, the custom M2 features a unique widebody kit by Zacoe Performance. The flavor is distinctly Japanse.

Just like all the Lambos and Ferraris you've seen, the package features massive fender flares that bolt into the existing bodywork. Mind you, the M2 is already much wider than a 2 Series Coupe, so the visual effect is striking in the extreme.

I wonder what the owner (@goekhan_abi) thought when BMW officially revealed the M2 Competition, which looks pretty normal. Sure, it's got M3 engine tech, but that wouldn't tickle the fancy of the Worthersee fanatics.

But a minty green M2, well that's something you don't see every day. And it comes accessorized to the teeth. At the front, there's a few carbon fiber goodies and a spoiler, followed by the eight pieces of the kit and a massive trunk wing. Blink, and you might miss the spoiler lip on the tailgate, which barely visible. The quad exhaust stands out, partly because it's expected on a project like this.

Z-Performance has fitted their ZP.Forged 6 Super Deep Concave rims, finished in gloss black with a polished lip. The multi-spoke alloys are 10.5×20-inch up front and 12.5×20-inch for the back.

Of course, a lowering is not missing so that the wheels sit perfectly in the wheel. This part is handled with KW suspension that's custom-made or the M2.

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