YouTuber Wins a Free Next-Gen Roadster After Netting Tesla $5 Million

You're probably aware of Tesla's referral program, which is the company's way of repaying its customers for bringing in more buyers. If you have a lot of well-off friends or you're level 99 in sales pitching, then you might be able to take full advantage of this feature.
Tesla Roadster rendering 1 photo
Until now, that meant unlocking such things as Tesla-branded travel bags, trips to company events, Founder's Edition Powerwalls or even the chance to drive the Boring machine as it rips through the ground at snail speed. However, under certain circumstances - as in referring a whole lot of people - it could even get you a Founder's Series Tesla Roadster.

After five successful referrals, any Tesla owner unlocks a secret level. Among other things - such as "amazing adventures that money can't buy" - there's also the theoretical (or at least that's what Tesla must have thought) possibility of getting a next-gen Roadster for $0.

The system went like this: after the initial five referrals that unlocked the secret level, five more would give you the chance of buying a Roadster with a 10 percent discount. Every five referrals after that would give you another 10 percent off the yet unknown price of the new Roadster, meaning all you needed were 55 referrals to earn a 100% discount.

Teslarati says Ben Sullins from Teslanomics - known YouTube channel - has gone and done it, so he is now the proud virtual owner of a Founder's Series Roadster. If you thought waiting for a Model 3 was tough, imagine what Ben must feel like. Especially since the new Roadster is said to be quite a big departure from the initial one, both in terms of styling and performance.

Even though it's not very likely that a lot of people would get to the 55 referrals mark, Tesla might want to put a cap on the discount it offers on the new Roadster through this program. On the other hand, since the Model 3 is excluded from the program, 55 sales brought somewhere in the region of $5 million into Tesla's coffers, so the company might actually offer the sports car as a freebie after all.


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