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YouTuber Stumbles Upon a McLaren P1 He Almost Bought for $1,000,000, but Got Away

Ever thought about the one that got away? Don’t get me wrong here - I’m talking about cars. Well, James Lucas Condon, popularly known as TheStradman, was in Texas and decided to check out a McLaren P1 he almost bought for $1,000,000.
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A year ago, popular car YouTuber TheStradman was out in the market looking for “the Hypercar.” He wasn't sure whether to get a Veyron or a P1. He bought a Bugatti Veyron after the McLaren P1 he wanted slipped away.

Condon made an offer on the P1 McLaren but,12-minutes later, he received a call that his dream hypercar, unfortunately, got sold. He’s still glad he went the Veyron way but admits that the McLaren is the one that got away.

Since he did not get the P1 he originally wanted, it’s understandable why it’s Condon’s “the one that got away” hypercar. The McaLren is the Batman of supercars. It’s athletic, with striking good looks and a potent powertrain. There are also only 375 examples ever built, which speaks volumes about how his luck ran thin in just 12 minutes.

His 2008 Veyron, on the other hand, is an equally matched hypercar with matching athletic abilities and an ultra-rich range price tag. You’ll be the talk of the town, a regular at the refilling station, but a champ on the strip.

The Bugatti comes with an 8.0-liter W16 engine making 1,001 HP and 1,250 Nm of torque. The W16 engine is paired with a 7-speed auto-shift transmission on an all-wheel-drive setup.

Like anyone else looking to get over something, Condon needed closure, and a drive inside his “would have been P1” was the perfect consolation.

The turbo sounds in this car are second to none. It sounds so incredible in acceleration,” Condon admitted.

He was completely engulfed in the niceness of the McLaren once they hit the road. Condon simply couldn't hide his excitement and thinks the P1 sounds like a spaceship even in eco-mode.

After a couple of pulls down the road, Condon announces that his Bugatti is up for sale at a discount price - he has to get a P1.

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