YouTuber Crushes a Skyline GTR, Possibly Triggering the Entire JDM Fanbase

Skyline GTR Crushed 11 photos
Photo: WhistlinDiesel / Youtube
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The Internet is a wondrous place that can make or break trends and sometimes one of them can get out of control, as it happened with JDM cars and the immense clout they have gathered.
Many have skyrocketed in price, but there is a trifecta of vehicles that have risen to internet clout heights never seen before. Of course, I am talking about the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 FD, and the Nissan Skyline (in all of its incarnations). Naturally, this means that owning one is a great source of content, but how about destroying one?

That is exactly what a YouTuber by the name of WhistlinDiesel decided to do. Now, before the Internet mob rushes to grab the torches and pitchforks, the car was not a pristine example. In fact, it was not even running, as it had no engine.

It was the first of two Skyline GTRs the YouTuber had bought. An example that became a donor car when its transmission blew. Breakage seems to be a theme here, as the engine in the second car also gave up soon after being purchased. This led the GTR we are seeing crushed today to donate its power unit, turning two broken-down JDM cars into one that works.

Seeing what comes next might hurt some people, and maybe it should come with a warning for the JDM community. However, for those not sensitive to such content, it is entertaining. An excavator was brought on set and the rampage began. The industrial machine was used to grab the car and spin it around, almost as if it were drifting.

While this is a disheartening sight, one has to admit that it brings back childhood memories of playing with toy cars and pretending we were racecar drivers, only on a bigger scale. Soon after, keeping with the theme of toys, it became an airplane that suffered a crash landing.

Having somewhat survived the aggressive playtime so far, it was finally crushed and laid to rest. With this rollercoaster of a video, we are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of reactions people watching it will have.

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