Guy Converts Ford Festiva Into a Lawn Mower, Keeps You Cool and Comfortable

If you’re tired of getting sunburned and being covered in grass, it’s time to cut your lawnmower out of your life and trade it for a Ford Festiva-based one. Just stick the mower deck to the car’s rear and hop in. That’s what Youtuber Ginger Billy did, and he looks pretty comfortable mowing his lawn in it.
Youtuber Billy Ginger turned his Ford Festiva into a lawn mower 1 photo
Ginger Billy, known at home as Adam Parkins, is a retired respiratory therapist who now gives viewers a humorous look into his life in rural South Carolina by creating and trying all sorts of crazy stuff. His recent video, titled „My lawnmower’s cooler than your lawnmower!”, gathered over two million views in just a few days, so I’d say people love what he puts on the table.

It’s not the first time he’s created something crazy, yet handy, like this. Last year, he fitted the bottom of a push mower to the front of a Yamaha bike and upgraded his mowing experience with some SSS suspension.

Now, he’s back with an even crazier idea that is somehow relatable for everyone. After all, who wouldn’t like to ride in the summer with the AC on and fully protected from the heat and grass flying everywhere? The perfect candidate for that? A good ol’ Ford Festiva.

Dubbed the Ron Beer, the redneck contraption is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 600cc lawn mower motor. In order to turn the machine on, Billy installed an ignition key within the car’s console to get the blades moving. He didn’t forget about the turning off part, so he also added a kill switch for the motor.

Among other benefits that Ron Beer brings are reclining seats, your favorite music, a roof to keep the sun away, and an AC system. Plus, you can even invite a friend to join the experience. So if you want to turn cutting grass into an adventure and not break a sweat while doing it, why not make your own Ron Beer? It sure looks like a lot of fun.

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