Youths Try to Nick Former Boxer's Moped

You've probably already guessed the outcome of this tragic yet funny story from the looks of the title. But since we, as parts of the human species, love to see other people get hurt, here's the whole shabang with some added comments from yours truly to spice things up.

The former boxer's name is Ramon Acevedo and he works as a custodian at University of Minnesota. He's 52 years old right now so many people won't consider him a dangerous bloke. Maybe also because he rides a moped to work and back.

That's exactly what two unlucky teens thought of the man as he was coming out of his shift on Thursday event. Outside Smith Hall at the specified University, the two youngsters approached Acevedo and asked him if the moped parked in front was his. He replied yes, and then one of the two would-be thugs pulled a knife and in what has to be the tackiest movie quote said “This scooter is mine now”.

When we said that Acevedo was a former boxer we forgot to mention that the man was also good at it, having won the Golden Gloves. He contained his amusement and , in his own word “was ready to dance a bit”.

It only took a couple of punches to scare off the scooter fiends who quickly decided that a moped wasn't worth losing their two front teeth over so they scrammed out of there. Acevedo went on saying that “I'm a little old, but I never forgot my stuff”. Probably the two thugs were really hoping he developed a quick case of amnesia when they found out he was a boxer, but it doesn't always work as planned.

The real question here is who would be that dumb (to be read: idiotic) to hijack a moped? If it were a Ferrari the matter would have been understandable. The news comes via Minnesota Daily.
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