Young Tesla Driver Was Harassed and Chased by Truck Owners, 911 Refused To Help

A recent video shows a 16-year-old Tesla Model 3 driver trying to run away from two Ford and Chevy trucks that engaged in a pursuit of the EV for no important reason whatsoever. Calling 911 did not have any kind of effect, as the operator reportedly refused to send police officers.
Two Trucks Starting a Pursuit Against the Tesla 6 photos
Photo: Wham Baam Teslacam on YouTube
Ford and Chevy Pickup TrucksFord and Chevy Pickup TrucksChevy Pickup Truck in PursuitChevy Pickup Truck Passenger Throwing a Drink at the TeslaThe Thrown Drink Hits the Tesla Model 3
Are EV owners targets in some parts of the U.S. nowadays? You can ask yourself this question as you will see this recording of a random encounter between traffic participants in California.

The young driver of the Tesla Model 3 was going on his own path, leaving a fast-food restaurant’s parking lot while listening to music with his window open. The stationary Ford and Chevy owners seem to have heard him and his tunes. It took just a couple of seconds for one of the truck drivers to start moving after what looked like a chat between the parties involved.

The video shows the young owner of the Tesla driving off after he saw the blue F-150 starting to come after him. The passenger can be seen throwing some leftovers at the EV. Model 3’s driver tried to brake-check the truck in what can be interpreted as an attempt to leave them behind, but they continued hurling unidentifiable objects at his car. The white Chevy pickup followed closely.

The young driver accelerated and tried leaving the trucks behind, but they kept following him. There were a couple of attempts at leaving the angry drivers behind, but they didn't want to give up. He called the cops at this point, but the 911 operator wanted to know if it was an emergency or not. In the end, after more questions, no law enforcement was sent.

After the footage got published online, those who watched the entire thing said the victim should request the call logs and sue the Police department. People informed the young man that it is possible to easily ask for the interaction between him and the 911 operator. They have also said this bears no cost.

"Unfortunately, this is the reality of driving an electric vehicle even 40 minutes from Los Angeles. I wouldn’t wish this on any EV owner, especially 16-year-old EV owners," said the Tesla driver that appears in the video down below.

The whole situation was recorded by Model 3’s advanced camera system, which, in this instance, worked as it was intended to. It clearly shows the angry truck owners screaming at the Tesla driver, throwing things and him, and how they both started following the EV. Fortunately, everything ended with just a scare for the young Tesla driver and nothing more.

If the truck drivers are charged and brought to justice, they risk a fine of up to $1,000. California’s Vehicle Code also says motorists that “engage in road rage behaviors” risk having their driver’s license suspended.

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