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Young Couple Builds Their Own Cozy Home on Wheels for $30,000

For young adults, tiny houses can be a budget-friendly alternative. They are cheaper and easier to build, and since they’re smaller, they are also easier to maintain. This young couple wanted to have their own house, so they decided to start with something that they could afford: a tiny home on wheels.
Couple builds tiny home on wheels for $30K 8 photos
Couple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30KCouple builds tiny home on wheels for $30K
Nicole and Jamie built their tiny home from scratch. It wasn’t easy, but the two managed to create a little space that matched their needs and lifestyle. They spent around $30,000 to build the house, which features a two-tone exterior that mixes charred cedar with natural cedar.

The interior of their tiny mirrors the exterior, and it’s very cozy and warm. To the left, next to the entryway, is the living room, which is filled with all sorts of things. There’s a small sleeper sofa positioned in front of a large TV and a dresser. They also have a coffee table there and a solid fuel heater that they only use during really cold nights. Elsewhere, they use electric heaters to warm up the place.

Nicole is a bookseller, and she loves to read. So naturally, she wanted a tiny that could include tons of storage hacks for all of her books. In the living room, you’ll see a large bookshelf. They also have a staircase with numerous cubbyholes. A section slides out whenever they want to access it or when they need some extra countertop space. There’s a closet area incorporated into the staircase too. That’s where they hang their clothes.

Upstairs is the bedroom, which is surprisingly spacious. The bed actually sinks into the framing, so they have a lot of headroom as well.

Next to this area is the kitchen, which has everything they need. It is equipped with a four-burner propane cooktop with an oven, a range hood, a full-size fridge, and a sink. They have generous wooden countertops, several floating shelves, cabinets, and drawers that they use to store all of their cookware.

At the rear is the bathroom. It’s compact, but it does the job. They have a beautiful shower with stone walls, a small sink, and an incinerating toilet. The couple also has a mirror that hides a large storage area that they use for different tools. Above the bathroom is another loft, which functions as a storage room.

Recently, Nicole and Jamie shared their story and offered a tour of their home to the folks from Tiny House Giant Journey. Take a look at the clip attached down below to see what this cozy little house is all about.

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