You Won't Be Doing Any Driving in the Cheapest Used Car for Sale on eBay

Our ‘cheapest used cars for sale on eBay’ saga continues with episode 3 that puts the spotlight on yet another model, which isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered, unless they specifically told you to go out and buy a rusty piece of cr@p that should have been buried a long time ago.
Pontiac Star Chief 8 photos
Photo: eBay | classiccarsofsc
Pontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star ChiefPontiac Star Chief
So, while our previous coverage included vehicles that were actually drivable, namely a 2001 Cadillac DeVille, and a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu, this one looks like it could fall apart just by touching it, never mind loading it onto a trailer.

Those of you who are into classic cars, or have reached the venerable age where vehicles from their childhood are now considered classics, know that it is a Pontiac Star Chief. It came to life back in 1959 as a two-door sedan, or coupe if you will, and has somehow ended up in possession of a used car dealer in Gray Court, South Carolina, breathing the same air as other beat up machines.

Well, ‘breathing’ is too big a word to describe its condition, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then get ready to go through no less than 7,000 of them. And none will make you consider buying it, unless you already have such a vehicle at home, in decent or perfect running condition, and would like to source some body panels for it in the event something bad happens. Other than that, someone skillful could turn some of the parts into a coffee table, or perhaps a sculpture, or decoration, though we definitely would not recommend spending that much on it.

Pontiac Star Chief
Photo: eBay | classiccarsofsc
So, what exactly is the asking price for this once fine Pontiac? The eBay listing reveals a buy-it-now price of $1,000, which was apparently dropped from $2,000, and that is “very fair for a car like this one,” the vendor says, throwing in the word “potential” in the short description that doesn’t really say much about it at all, save for the information that they could take four equal payments for it, split into as many months.

You might not be able to tell what color it was just by looking at the pictures shared in the ad, but it apparently left the factory in shiny black, on top of a red interior. It was decorated by the usual chrome trim, and used to have four nice wheels back in the day, as well as seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and all sorts of trim. Rust wasn’t an issue then, but it is now, so anyone looking to salvage the doors, fenders, hood, trunk, and so on, should not be afraid of any elbow grease.

But what about the engine, you ask? Well, it’s not visible in the pics, and the vendor did not say anything about it at all, but they did mention that it has an automatic transmission. Thus, you should probably lower your expectations, as this wreckage definitely doesn’t beat walking, and it’s not easy to admit it. Still, if you have enough Benjamins saved up, and you think sleep is for the weak, then you should take a trip to South Carolina and check it out in person, before deciding if it’s worth reviving it.

While we’re at it, we might also mention the fact that you should have a garage, enough free time, and a lot of knowledge in order to resurrect it, as well as all the tools required for such an arduous restoration.

Heck, if we were you, we’d look at something else and let this old Pontiac die, as it is probably for the best, don’t you agree?
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