You're Fairly Fast, but Can Your Guardian Angel Steer?

Welcome back to the educational side of internet videos, today's lesson is "how to stay cool when traveling way too fast and unable to make it around the bend." Honestly, I wish such courses existed, so that we'd all be able to learn how to keep our cool in dire situations.
Watch the speedo, boy! 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
(Un)fortunately, little credit can be given to this rider, as the incident you can watch after the jump is hardly the result of conscious actions. If anything, it proves that there’s still a good measure of a rider's instincts in this fellow, worth honing in. Alongside with learning more about how to turn and approach bends...

Now, seeing this chap doing almost 100 mph (160 km/h) on a road is a thing we should rather not bicker about. Let's be honest and admit that almost all of us have done such things, or, for what's worth, even worse.

How will you fare when riding fast and turning come together?

The big difference is made when rider and machine approach the "turn of judgement," and the skills of the guy behind the bars are put to the test. This particular fellow failed the test brilliantly and, as a consequence, he flew off the tarmac.

Still, the chap remained cool and hanged on to the handlebars of his bike for dear life, and managed to stay upright even though his two-wheeler changed asphalt for the green grass of a roadside meadow.

He also managed to slow down a bit before reaching the point in the turn where he could no longer turn, and this helped his short "I need new pants" excursion in the decor.

As for making it around the bend, some say he could have made it stick, as sportbikes retain grip even at extreme lean angles. But this is a story for another lesson...

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