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You Probably Won’t Believe This Mazda MX-5 Comes from a Video Game

As many people know already, the world of racing games has evolved a lot, with the graphics that are available getting stunningly close to the real world. And this is why the racing experience itself is getting a lot more immersive.
Mazda MX-5 in GTA V 8 photos
Mazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA VMazda MX-5 in GTA V
But in some cases, awesome cars that are reproduced to the smallest details in a video game don’t just come down to a single racing title. And the Mazda MX-5 gallery that we have here is living proof of that.

Not only because it might be a little bit more difficult to tell that these are actually game shots, but because they come from a game that you didn’t expect to offer such high-quality graphics. So no, they’re not screenshots coming from Forza or Gran Turismo Sport, but photos taken in Grand Theft Auto V.

That’s right, these are shots coming from GTA V, obviously based on a custom mod. And of course, the screenshots themselves have received plenty of edits, all courtesy of Instagram user frzeditz.

The custom mod that’s powering the whole thing is this one, and it comes with all the cool stuff you’d expect to find on the MX-5, including a Brembo brake system, a custom exhaust, a Pandem body kit and a GT wing, as well as Volk Racing TE37V wheels. The original model actually comes from a different game, in this case CSR2.

You can find all instructions to install the car in Grand Theft Auto V on the page linked above. The car comes with a HQ interior, exterior, trunk, engine bay and extra plate, as well as some other more special graphics, including mirror reflections, working dials, and hands on the steering wheel.


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