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You Probably Never Expected the Ford Mustang RTR to Look So Good in a Game

The Ford Mustang is without a doubt a head-turner, even in the standard configuration, so it goes without saying that any further tuning makes it a stunning car from pretty much every angle.
Ford Mustang RTR 6 photos
Ford Mustang RTRFord Mustang RTRFord Mustang RTRFord Mustang RTRFord Mustang RTR
So when a car like the Ford Mustang receives additional modifications from a company like RTR Vehicles, the whole thing is pushed even further, and the Ford Mustang RTR is living proof of how you can make a Ford “Ready to Rock!”.

Needless to say, such projects are the ones gaining so much attention, not only in the real life, but also when it comes to games, as so many publishers rush to adopt them and create digital versions that players can drive on PCs and consoles.

The Ford Mustang RTR obviously made its way to several games, including Forza, and the photos you see here are stunning edits created by gaming photographer kingty918.

Posted with the #makeforzalookreal hashtag, these images indeed show just how far the world of gaming has gone in terms of graphics, so if you want to drive a Mustang RTR, a title like Forza is pretty much the most affordable way to do it.

The 2018 Ford Mustang RTR landed in Forza Horizon 4 for players who completed 50 percent of the Series 7 Summer Season.

The RTR comes with a 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine that develops in standard configuration over 460 horsepower and nearly 570 Nm of torque.

Customers can choose between three different Spec packages, with Spec 3 including all the bells and whistles of the other versions, including aggressive styling, adjustable suspension components, and a supercharger kit.

Each part has been engineered to improve the overall look, functionality, and performance of the already superior Mustang. All Spec 3 components have been track-proven and validated by professional Ford test drivers and Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr.,” RTR says.

Thanks to the supercharger developed by Ford Performance and ROUSH, the output of the car is increased to 700 horsepower and nearly 830 Nm of torque.


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