You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Aftermarket Stalks for the Refreshed Tesla Model 3

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Aftermarket stalks for the refreshed Tesla Model 3Aftermarket stalks for the refreshed Tesla Model 32024 Tesla Model 32024 Tesla Model 32024 Tesla Model 32023 Tesla Model X with the Round Steering Wheel
When people got the first glimpse inside the cockpit of a refreshed Model 3 prototype, they first noticed the stalkless design. The production model didn't change anything in this regard, causing many customers to question Tesla's choice. Fret not, though: somebody is working to bring back the stalks in the refreshed Model 3 and, possibly, other stalkless Tesla models.
Tesla ditched the stalks in the refreshed Model S and Model X, which were launched in 2021. People didn't care very much at the time because the yoke was among the most talked-about features of the new models. However, as the yoke appeal faded, people started complaining. Tesla took note and offered a round steering wheel, although the stalks never returned. On the contrary, the stalkless trend continued with the refreshed Model 3 and the Cybertruck.

Just like with the yoke, Tesla fans swore that the stalkless design was the best thing since the sliced bread, and some even tried to convince us that buttons improve safety because they allow signaling a lane change without taking the finger from the steering wheel. Since most of North America is built with straight roads intersecting at a right angle, the stalkless design could work here.

That's not as easy for Europeans, who have to drive through countless roundabouts every time they step into their cars. Not only in the cities but also on regional roads, roundabouts are the preferred way to control traffic when two or more roads intersect. It's safer but doesn't work with capacitive buttons because roundabouts require drivers to signal the exit while the steering wheel rotates.

That was the first thing Europeans noticed about the refreshed Model 3 when it started deliveries on the Continent in September 2023. Everyone taking a test drive complained about the lack of stalks. Activating the turn signal with a stalk is second nature for most drivers, and because the stalk is always in the same position, it can be pushed with a flick of a finger without looking at it. With a capacitive button that goes astray while turning, good luck pressing the correct one without taking the eyes off the road.

Thankfully, an aftermarket accessory manufacturer is determined to offer refreshed Model 3 owners relief. Enhance Automotive, the creator of the famous "S3XY Buttons," is working on a new product aptly named "S3XY Stalks." The commercial version is set to launch soon, and a video shared by their social media account shows that it looks just like a legacy Model 3 stalk.

It's hard to tell exactly what functions the stalks can trigger, but turn signals are a given. The right stalk could also be used to activate the wipers. However, given the versatility of the S3XY Buttons, which can be set to offer over 100 functions via shortcuts, it could be a lot more than that. Enhance announced that it could provide similar products for other stalkless Tesla models, including the Cybertruck.

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