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You Don't Need Hills Anymore With The Gas-powered Tortuga Drift Trike

We all enjoy a proper drifting-time spent with our four-wheeler, that is a fact. But what would you do if we’d tell you can do the same thing, only with a lot more adrenalin running in you veins, while using a gas-powered trike?
Gas-powered Tortuga Trike 1 photo
We are talking genuine hardcore trike drifting with a motor that will make that wheels turn and develop a maximum of 30 mph (48 km/h). Just imagine the feeling the rear wheels will give you when you go down that bitumen.

In case you haven’t heard about it, you’ll want to know that drift trikes are tricycles that have slick rear wheels, normally made from a hard plastic, often PVC. The sport, that originated in New Zealand in 2009 and has since spread around the world, is the dream com true of the adrenaline junkies.

Until now, if you were one of this people that needed to take it to edge to sleep tight at night you needed somebody with a car to track you and give you the proper speed. However, that is to change now, considering electric and gas-powered motors are being attached to the little three-wheelers.

While the Verrado electric drift trike from Arizona-based Local Motors seems like the green solution for that, the Florida-based Tortuga Trikes take the hobby one step closer to a drift car experience.

We are looking at a grown-ups toy packed with a 6.5 hp motor on the back, that runs on any type of gasoline and delivers torque directly to the rear wheels for a top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h). According to its creators, each tank should be good for around 20 hours or roughly 40-50 miles (65-80 km) of drifting.

But drifting on the Tortuga would keep you as safe as possible on this type of vehicle. You’ll get the average A-brakes, like those you might find on a typical bicycle frame. This is made from hardened steel and can support riders weighing up to 450 lb (204 kg).

Anyway, if you think the team is worth your interest and help, an early pledge of $2,250 (EUR 1,648) will put you in line for one of the gas-powered drift trikes. Moreover, it everything works according to their plan, Tortuga will begin shipping in July.


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