You Don't Need a Motorcycle for a Huge, Hilarious Wheelie Fail

Because I've been involved in some discussions about failed wheelies on public roads, I decided to bring you a nifty and TRULY hilarious video that doesn't even feature a motorbike. It looks like failure is indeed universal when it comes to occasional stunt riders, motorized or not.
Off goes the wheel, enter road rash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
While the ability to pop, ride and land a wheelie is a matter of exercise at best, knowing that you can effectively rely on the hardware component of the stunt is a thing that can be verified.

Some chaps have a natural-born sense of balance and will find wheeling and other similar feats easy as pie. Others will need long hours of practice and all the safety precautions to avoid injuries until they have mastered certain tricks. But again, making sure that the vehicle is in good working order is plain common sense and has nothing to do with how good a rider one is.

Wheels don't just come off...

It's the same thing in the automotive, motorcycle and bicycle worlds: gear must be checked periodically and maintenance work carried out regularly and correctly.

Even though certain nuts and bolts aren't supposed to come loose, checking them periodically can spare a guy a lot of hassle. And some injuries or property damage. Even though it may sound a bit too conservative, wheelies are not the ideal way to use a bike or a motorcycle. This means more stress on certain components in specific moments and command a more thorough inspection of the said vehicle.

Just like we check air pressure in tires even when using a car normally, making sure all the parts stay in place before going funky is downright common sense, especially as modern-day bikes often use quick-lock axles that CAN, at times, cause more fuss than their old-fashioned counterparts.

As for the hipster fashion, I'll leave you be the judges....

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