You Can Sail on Ice at 100 mph With the Kaira Boat

We all tend to think super strong cars packed with hi-tech features are the trend people look for nowadays. Well, think again, because there are folks out there that are all about high-speed sailling on ice with their super cool vessels. The Kaira ice boat concept was designed for next year’s Baikal Pearl Cup Ice Racing competition and will be able to reach the crazy speed of 100 mph (162 km/h) only using the power of wind.
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Kaira Ice BoatKaira Ice BoatKaira Ice BoatKaira Ice BoatKaira Ice BoatKaira Ice BoatKaira Ice Boat
Now this is what you call the ultimate toy for the rich and eccentric amoung us, isn’t it? We’re looking at a modern ice yacht that is made of a steel stave that goes on the entire lengths of the boat. The stave supports the mast and a runner-plank upon which it rests at right angles, to form a kite-shape for stretching the canvas.

It runs on three steel skates attached at the edges and works like a sailboat, only it relies on wind-power to skate along the ice. A single driver manipulates the canvas using a rope netting to increase or decrease speed that is able to move the vessel up to an incredible speed of 100 mph (162km/h). That’s the average speed you drive you car on the highway...

Kaira ice boat was designed to take part in the Baikal Ice Racing competition, to take place next year. According to Behance, where the vessel is detailed, ice boats are strictly wind powered and need relatively snow-free ice to sail and Baikal lake can provide all these conditions during the season.

Well, it might sound a bit out-of-this-world, so we found a short video to try to get a real grip of the sensation a person driving an ice boat feels. It kind of looks like there's a lot of adrenalyn involved...


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