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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: Police Catch Serial Thief Using Apple AirTag

Launched with a legitimate goal in mind, the AirTag ended up being used for all kinds of nefarious purposes, from stalking strangers to keeping an eye on cars that would eventually get stolen.
Apple's AirTag GPS tracker 6 photos
Apple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTag
In other words, Apple’s GPS tracker became a dangerous weapon whenever it ended up in the hands of bad actors out there, despite all the protections the Cupertino-based tech giant has put in place to prevent such abuses.

Well, it turns out that the AirTag can also be on the right side of the law when required.

The GPS tracker has recently helped the police not only determine the location of a serial thief but also track him down when he tried to run away.

Local media reveals that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tried to locate Javiere Green using an AirTag that was attached to a backpack the thief had just stolen. After finding his location and trying to arrest the man, Green jumped into a car and drove away, hoping he could escape without getting caught.

However, the man tried to run away with the same backpack in the car, so the police once again turned to the Find My app to see where the thief was heading. After finding his location for the second time, the officers managed to track him down and eventually arrest him for good.

Apple’s AirTag is, at least in theory, a great piece of technology that makes it much harder to lose your belongings, be they the car keys or the wallet. This is because the device can share its location on a synced iPhone no matter where it is, all using the huge iPhone network out there to transmit the required information.

However, this great system ended up becoming a dual-edged sword, as it also allows people with nefarious intentions to keep an eye on their victims by hiding the coin-shaped device in places where it’s impossible to detect, such as behind the license plate of a car.


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