You Can Now Rent a Tesla Model S in the UK for £350 A Day

The Tesla Model S is definitely a car you need to drive, since it cannot be compared with anything else on the road. From the fact that it was designed and built by computer experts to the way it works, nothing feels the same. Of course, being such an exclusive car comes at a cost, a rather steep one for your average John and Jane to be willing to pay.
Tesla Model S 1 photo
You could go to a dealership and ask for a test drive, but you might fall in love with the Model S and that half an hour of driving with a salesperson next to you might not suffice. Something else is needed...

Why not rent a Tesla Model S? That just became possible for UK citizens through a new south eastern company named EVision, that offers both chauffeur-driven or individual Tesla Model S cars to be rented.

The company will ask for £60 ($100/€76) per hour or you can pay £350 ($580/€441) and enjoy the Model S for a whole day, with a 200 miles (320 km) limit of course. The fully berserk option to drive it the whole week will cost £1,995 ($3,310/€2,514) and it will come with a 1,000 mile (1,600 km) allowance.

Compare it with other business class sedans you can hire and you’ll find out it’s not that overpriced. Funny enough though, the price you pay for a week of rumbling around on electricity in the rental is bigger than the monthly payment for a full-option Model S.


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