You Can Fulfill Your Dream of Being a Car Company Tycoon with Automation

It’s Monday and you’re already sick of only having to dream about owning these hundred-thousand-dollar car fleet the few well-heeled out there actually posses. You don’t want to spend your entire career working hard only to get to drive an old Bimmer. Why not build your own Lamborghini Huracan into the exact specifications you wish? Well, we might have found a way to do that.
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We’re not exactly sure how much of the game’s description is true, but judging by the looks of it Automation is quite different in its approach towards actually designing cars in a virtual world. It was created by a bunch of petrolheads from New Zealand which form an indie start-up company dubbed Camshaft. Not only are they passionate about cars, but it appears they also know a thing or two about what we like to call autoevolution. Let us take a closer look, shall we?

Now, if you’re not really into the technical parts of the automotive planet, then you should not expect to like it at first. After all, it seems like we are facing a highly technical game where the player is rather a carmaker. He designs, builds, tests and rebuilds their car to meet particular specifications. Currently still in development, the Engine Designer and Car Designer mode are already available for folks to give it a try. The Steam Early Access was recently released, which means the game is on.

Start from scratch, play by the rules or don't

Even though you’re expected to act like a proper auto manufacturer (you will be placed in control of a newly founded car company starting in the post-war era of 1946) designing cars from scratch - from the chassis and the engine to its body styling - is approachable for the clumsy petrolheads too. How? Through the easy-to-understand descriptions that will help the player to optimize the car designs, even without prior car or engine knowledge.

In other words, the dormant petrolhead inside - say you haven’t yet discovered your true self - will most likely be awakend too.

The New Zealanders promise that not only will you enjoy the freedom to create vehicles that look how you want, but you will also be responsible for the technical aspects. “Benchmark your creations and watch their components in action while you are provided with realistic specifications and performance figures,” the game is detailed.

The game can be played in four modes, Sandbox, Scenarios, Multiplayer and Campaign with the last two still in development. The first mode implies building the perfect vehicle with no rules and the second means you have to play and learn by the actual industry criteria.

Since we’re still waiting for Project Cars to hit the market, after previously being delayed a couple of times, we might as well go for the demo of this puppy and start working on making our dreams come true.

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