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Yoonit Is a German Modular Cargo Bike Made to Carry Even Your Kids
These days bikes seem to come in all shapes and sizes. From small miniature devices that can fit under your desk, to mountain climbers with electric motors, we have been seeing a flood of designs. But not many of these designs venture outside of traditional norms, until now.

Yoonit Is a German Modular Cargo Bike Made to Carry Even Your Kids

If you happened to have a look in the gallery yet you may have seen that this contraption is a bit outside of the norm we may be used to. Sure, she looks all weird and stuff, but once you understand that she’s not meant to be a people pleasure, but rather a work-horse, you might agree that she is just wonderful as she is.

Straight out of Germany under the name Yoonit, this mini cargo bike is no less capable than any other piece of German ingenuity and design. But how does something like this come about. Well, like any other creation from the mind of man, necessity.

She comes available in three different models, each one with its own capabilities. Just to give you some idea of what she’s really meant for, let’s toss in a scenario or two.

Have you ever ridden a bike and had to carry groceries on the handlebars? Yeah. That’s level one, and the Yoonit can do that no problem. Just grab the Smart model and enjoy your ride home. The Smart model includes an aluminum carrier on the front which comes with a considerable amount of space for your groceries, coolers, or anything of the sorts.

On the other hand, let’s say you are working on a hardware project at home and the wife took the car for the day. Sure, you could just use the cargo carrier again, but this time you have to grab some 2x4’s, two bags of cement, some mortar, and her petunias that you forgot last time. So, what are you going to do?

Yoonit has another platform for that. The Job model will be the bike you need for these types of feats. It comes equipped with a dolly like platform that lays flat unlike the Smart. This allows you to stack lots of heavy goods one atop the other to be transported from worksite to worksite.

The third and final option from this German company is the Family. Just as the name would insinuate, it’s meant for a family. But how? Imagine you’ve got a pair of twins, about three years old or so. You made plans to meet up with a friend in the afternoon, but they live across town and traffic is jammed. You head to the garage, grab the Family and put your two kids in that overgrown basket you see. To make sure their comfort is adequate, a padded back support can be lifted to keep your children in a comfortable riding position.

Now, I’m sure you’ve carried heavy loads on the front of your own bike before and know how unstable things can be. But not for Yoonit. Because of her short and low-to-the-ground design, her center of gravity will not be a problem for the rider. If you do happen to get the feeling that you’re about to tip, based on the same principal that a wheel-barrel would function, all you have to do is put a foot down.

Even though all three of these models use basically the same frame construction, small differences designed to work better with the load limits for each bike are found. Another option for the Yoonit is to strap on a battery pack and motor strapped to the crank set like Giant’s Reign E+. You know she’s going to carry what you throw on her.


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